Updates Pearldiver and Beluga

Its been over a week since we deployed these vehicles. Its time for some data updates from these vehicles! Data from vehicles is sent to the GTS as it becomes available and Sailbuoy data is also available through ERDDAP https://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/generic/erddap/info/sailbuoy/index.html

After just a little over a week, Sailbuoy Beluga has reached Labrador! Along the way it measured some insane wind speeds with several median gust events of 170 km/hr and sustained winds over 100 km/hr. Air temperatures have dropped to -5 C and we are expecting some severe ice build up on the vehicle.

Our other vehicle, Pearldiver is slowly but steadily makings its way North to the Labrador Sea diving to 1000 m and returning to the surface every 9 hours or so. Here is a plot showing the deployment location and next target waypoint. We will be working with Dr. Mingxi Zhou at the University of Rhode Island and run path-planning experiments during the next few weeks to improve glider distance traveled in a day and avoid getting stuck in head on current.

Published by Glider Nicolai

Oceanographic Scientist working at Memorial University

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