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We have developed a path-planning tool to improve the way gliders navigate the oceans! So far we have shown 15% improvements in distance traveled towards the target. We are about to launch a full on web service.


This is a new project to measure gas and heat exchange in the Labrador Sea during deep convection. To collect the data we are working together with partners in the UK, deploying a total of 4 gliders and 2 surface vehicles into the Labrador Sea.


VITALS was an international Canadian-led research program to study the Labrador Sea. We deployed a glider for 4-months to advance glider carbon measurements. From this first carbon glider deployment we characterized the sensor performance.

TReX Gliders

As part of the MEOPAR funded Tracer Release Experiment (TReX) we are deploying gliders into the Gulf of St. Lawrence to measure the physical background variability in temperature, salinity and oxygen.

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