Pearldiver Recovered

Thumbs up for a successful 7 month glider mission (and back!) into the Labrador Sea!!! In December 2019 we deployed a glider into the Labrador Sea to collect temperature, salinity and oxygen data in the winter time as part of the HOTSeALS project. Now we have our glider back safely in our lab almost fullContinue reading “Pearldiver Recovered”

Glider Path-Planning Tool

Over the past year and months we developed and tested a new Glider Navigation Tool (GNT) using real glider deployments! Based on these tests we found an at least 15% improvement in overall glider performance. This tool has tremendous potential to improve the way we track ocean features and improves the control individual pilots haveContinue reading “Glider Path-Planning Tool”

Gulf of St. Lawrence 2019

August 3, 2019 Hi all, we are in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland deploying our 2 gliders (Pearldiver and Unit 473). Initially we were going to deploy the gliders into East Arm, but the difference between surface and at depth densities are significantly larger than what we can adjust the glider for. So instead we are deployingContinue reading “Gulf of St. Lawrence 2019”