Glider Path-Planning Tool

Over the past year and months we developed and tested a new Glider Navigation Tool (GNT) using real glider deployments! Based on these tests we found an at least 15% improvement in overall glider performance. This tool has tremendous potential to improve the way we track ocean features and improves the control individual pilots have over their vehicles.

So far we tested the new tool in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Labrador Sea with very promising results and are presenting results at the next Ocean Science Meeting in San Diego, CA (2020)!

Also we are now rolling out a web-based service for other glider users to assist their piloting needs. For more details about new developments in this project: here (GNT) and here (Mingxi)!

Example of Glider Navigation Tool (GNT) result for the Labrador Sea

Published by Glider Nicolai

Oceanographic Scientist working at Memorial University

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