TReX Gliders


Glider deployments in to the Gulf of St. Lawrence

As part of the MEOPAR funded Tracer Release Experiment (TReX) we are deploying gliders into the Gulf of St. Lawrence to measure the physical background variability in temperature, salinity and oxygen. We are joining this project together with glider group from Dalhousie’s Ocean Tracking Network (OTN). You can monitor the glider’s progress here:

Glider deployed into the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence

The objective of this research is to understand the mixing of water in the Gulf and how that affects the oxygen minimum zones in the Lower Estuary, Laurentian Channel and Northern Gulf. We are flying repeat transects across the Bonne Bay hydrographic line for as long as we can to observe how the physical characteristics change towards winter and how this compares with data collected by Dalhousie in Cabot Strait.

As in previous field years we are using the Bonne Bay Marine Station (BBMS) as our field base from which we launch and recover the glider.

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