Updates Pearldiver and Beluga

Its been over a week since we deployed these vehicles. Its time for some data updates from these vehicles! Data from vehicles is sent to the GTS as it becomes available and Sailbuoy data is also available through ERDDAP https://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/generic/erddap/info/sailbuoy/index.html After just a little over a week, Sailbuoy Beluga has reached Labrador! Along the way itContinue reading “Updates Pearldiver and Beluga”

Deploying Gliders and Sailbuoy in Sea State 7

So yesterday, we deployed our glider and our sailbuoy! The timing and weather window was not ideal, but we had limited time and so we made a go for it. We encountered 6+ m waves and winds in the 70 km/hr range. We also had occasional gusts of over 100 km/hr. We were quite nervousContinue reading “Deploying Gliders and Sailbuoy in Sea State 7”

And We are Off! JC190

We left this morning on the James Cook from St. John’s harbour as part of the Fall AZMP cruise. During this journey we will deploy our gliders (Gannet and Pearldiver) and our Sailbuoy Beluga into the Labrador Sea! So far the winds and waves have been unusually calm. May our glider deployment day in LabradorContinue reading “And We are Off! JC190”

Testing Sailbuoy Beluga

As part of our plans to venture to the Labrador Sea and collect wind speed measurements, we acquired a surface vehicle called Sailbuoy manufactured by Offshore Sensing AS in Norway. This vehicle will collect wind speed, salinity, temperature and oxygen data at the surface. Off course we had to test the new vehicle before weContinue reading “Testing Sailbuoy Beluga”