Recovery of Scapa and Ziggy

Last week, we were able to retrieve gliders for our TERIFIC (link) friends at NOC after collecting data for 5 months in the Labrador Sea. After figuring out a safety plan to minimize health concerns due to COVID-19 we got out our field work gear and went to Trinity Bay, NL. We had to goContinue reading “Recovery of Scapa and Ziggy”

Sailbuoy Wave Deployed

We deployed another Sailbuoy to collect more wind data in the Labrador Sea. This Sailbuoy (SB Wave) will spend the next 3 weeks going North until the end of March when it (hopefully) should arrive for the tail of the deep convection season. During our deployment today we had a fantastic backdrop for the SailbuoyContinue reading “Sailbuoy Wave Deployed”

Glider Path-Planning Tool

Over the past year and months we developed and tested a new Glider Navigation Tool (GNT) using real glider deployments! Based on these tests we found an at least 15% improvement in overall glider performance. This tool has tremendous potential to improve the way we track ocean features and improves the control individual pilots haveContinue reading “Glider Path-Planning Tool”

Updates Pearldiver and Beluga

Its been over a week since we deployed these vehicles. Its time for some data updates from these vehicles! Data from vehicles is sent to the GTS as it becomes available and Sailbuoy data is also available through ERDDAP After just a little over a week, Sailbuoy Beluga has reached Labrador! Along the way itContinue reading “Updates Pearldiver and Beluga”