Glider Deployments Archived

I spent the last few months of winter going through all the old glider deployments at Memorial University, as well as recent ones, cleaning up the files and processing them into a common Netcdf standard for archiving. I am happy to announce the official repository of the Memorial University glider data repository here: – the repository will be updated with new deployments and is up to date as of May 28, 2021.
Map of Memorial University glider deployments (a) is the Pacific Region and (b) the Newfoundland and Northwest-Atlantic Regions.

I am pleased that all this data is now publicly available for anyone interested in glider data. I am also working on getting the data into the CIOOS and Ocean Networks Canada to make it more accessible and easier visualize. I will update this post once I have more information!

Published by Glider Nicolai

Oceanographic Scientist working at Memorial University

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