Recovery of Scapa and Ziggy

Last week, we were able to retrieve gliders for our TERIFIC (link) friends at NOC after collecting data for 5 months in the Labrador Sea. After figuring out a safety plan to minimize health concerns due to COVID-19 we got out our field work gear and went to Trinity Bay, NL.

We had to go out a pretty long distance to get one of the gliders and Clyde – the fishing boat captain did an amazing job and everything went extremely smooth. Eleanor from NOC, made a cool script that plots the position of the gliders to estimate drift direction + speed. It shows a straight line after we picked up the glider. We could not turn the glider off immediately and so it was on until we returned to Old Perlican, sending GPS positions.

Eleanor’s “Glider TV” shows our track home and one of the glider’s pick up points

I am glad we were able to contribute to a successful completion to this important science mission, especially in these strange times. Now we just need to retrieve our own glider to finish the HOTSeALS mission.

Masks, gloves, and all other protective equipment were worn and all safety protocols set in place by the province and our university were followed to ensure a smooth recovery for everyone involved.

Published by Glider Nicolai

Oceanographic Scientist working at Memorial University

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