Getting Ready for the Labrador Sea

We are in full on preparations to deploy 2 gliders and a Sailbuoy into the Labrador Sea. As part of this we are testing our gliders with dives beyond 150 m to make sure that the seals all hold tight, that there are no leaks and that the ballasting works in water with similar densities as we will encounter later this fall.

We are also preparing computer equipment to make sure if one of our dockservers (the computer we use to talk to the glider) fails that we have backups. So I am working on restoring and upgrading our old toughbooks that are well build laptop computers that can take the beating of field work.

Yay, glider terminal and all programs are running well! Dockserver laptops 11 and 12 are ready for their first field deployment đŸ™‚

Published by Glider Nicolai

Oceanographic Scientist working at Memorial University

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