Glider-based O2 and CO2 Observations from the Labrador Sea

I finished my MSc. and also starting a new job as a Research Engineer at MUN to continue our glider work!!!!

Schematic of the sensor foil on the pCO2 optode

My MSc. research deals with methods of synchronizing mooring and glider data as a strategy to test and do data QC on new types of sensors that have not yet proven themselves in the field through inter-comparison. This project was funded through the Ventilation, Interactions and Transports across the Labrador Sea (VITALS) program were several gliders and a vertical profiler mooring, the SeaCycler were deployed into the Labrador Sea. In my research I evaluated new pCO2 optode sensors on a glider through field deployments and experiments in the lab to characterize their performance. I also looked at cool CTD and Oxygen data from gliders, moorings, profiler and other types of platforms. If your interested you can find my thesis attached to this post!

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Oceanographic Scientist working at Memorial University

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